Devotees travelling to Vaishno Devi will now get hi-tech facilities
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Devotees travelling to Vaishno Devi will now get hi-tech facilities

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There is some good news for all those planning a religious trip to the most sacred Hindu pilgrimage centre, Vaishno Devi! From now on, devotees will get all the necessary hi-tech facilities to make their trip more comfortable and memorable. Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board has hired a private Indian IT firm to carry out the task quickly.

According to the board members, the step is being taken to put a stop to unnecessary loot and over demands of the people working in the region as labourers, carriers, pithus and horse/pony owners. It is being expected that the step will curb all these problems that are prevalent in Vaishno Devi. These are the main proposals:

Horses will have a microchip

Horses on the Vaishno Devi trek are a necessity for aged people, kids and devotees suffering from some medical condition. Yet, devotees always complained of horse/pony owners charging unreasonable amount. So, the IT firm has decided to ingest a microchip on every horse to keep a track on them, a step that is aimed to restrain owners from charging unnecessary amount.

Helmet for devotees

Every year, we get to hear the sad news of devotees dying or getting badly hurt while horse riding on the trek. To curtail such happenings, every devotee travelling on a horse will be provided with a helmet for their safety.

Mistreatment will lead to Smart Card seizure

If a horse/pony owner or labourer misbehaves or demands extra money from any devotee, their Smart Card would be seized forever, and they won’t be allowed to work there. An extremely strict but much-needed regulation!

With so much rule and regulations, the Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board is hoping for more and more inflow of pilgrims from all over, and making sure that they have a peaceful and happy journey.

News Source: Times Of India

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